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"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level
of thinking we were at when we created them."
Albert Einstein

About us

Our company was founded in 2015 as a Hungarian, family owned business and we provide mainly technical support on the field of mechanical engineering. You can find more information about our services under the Services menu. With more 15 years of experience on the field of mechanical engineering we guarantee high quality and a Customer focused approach.

Contact us and we can realize your ideas together.


Technical planning

  • Designing machines and appliances

    Our company undertakes developing complete mechanical solutions from specification to production. Working closely with our customers, we help them finding the most suitable technical solution for the given job. We guarantee the high quality and the deadlines with qualified engineers, precise partners in manufacturing and reliable suppliers.

  • Modification of existing machines and appliances in line with the customer’s requirements

    Probably the most common task in the day-to-day operation to make some development on the otherwise well-functioning device, to make it more productive, more ergonomic and safer. We are happy to help you in the machine and appliance conversion from the planning to the installation.

  • Designing steel structures

    We undertake planning steel structures with short deadline, which can be get checked by a static specialist for a load defined by the Customer, if that is required.

  • Designing conveyors

    We undertake planning conveyors with short deadline

  • Others

    • Piece part planning
    • Producer-, and mechanic-machines
    • Automatic test equipment
    • Manual workplaces
    • Robotic and co-bot workplaces
    • JIG-s
    • Finite element analysis

Technical documentation

  • Digitization - Reverse engineering

    In many manufacturing plants it is a problem, that no drawings are available for a particular component, unit, pipeline or other system. Contact us and we will prepare the missing drawings for you in 2D and/or 3D format.

  • Preparing 2D and 3D layouts

    We undertake preparing and updating layout drawings (offices, production areas, etc.) in the simple 2D format, or in the more sophisticated 3D format. If it is required, we can precisely survey a given area with a 3D laser scanner in a very short time.

  • Preparing design plans, concept plans

    We undertake rendering design plans from 3D models as well as preparing mechanical animations. If you want to prepare a more spectacular presentation, contact us!

  • Making Service instructions, user manuals, maintenance instructions


3D laser scanning and modelling, collision testing

  • 3D area scanning

    One of the fastest developing equipment in survey technology is the 3D laser scanner. One of the most efficient and most modern technology in space surveying, that meets the technical requirements of our modern, digital world.

  • 3D object scanning

Technical advice

  • We provide technical support on the field of mechanical engineering

  • Supporting projects

    We undertake management of shorter or longer projects with one or more people, either it is a document management, quality assurance or project management, full- time or part- time.


Designing machines and appliances
Planning steel structures
Preparing view plans
Supporting projects
Preparing 2D and 3D layouts
3D laserscanning

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